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The Story of Collette's Uniform Company

I’m a fashion designer who transplanted from NY to Phoenix in 1978, newly divorced and with two young children. I had a couple of temporary jobs until I found a dream job with Bobby McGee’s Restaurant Company, where I got to design costumes for the employees. I spent three years designing Snow Whites, Cinderellas, Robin Hoods, and many other characters—what fun!


It was then that I started making uniforms for other companies to offset our overhead at McGee’s. During that time, I designed and manufactured uniforms for The Biltmore Hotel, Royal Palms, and many other properties.


Finally, that part of the business grew so large that Bob and I parted ways and I started Collette’s Uniform Company, which I named after my mother, Collette. That was in 1985, and since then we've gathered the greatest clients—schools, restaurants, sports teams, healthcare workers, and families, just to name a few—and we do everything conceivable to meet their needs. And now we've teamed up with the Academy of Math and Science to offer their parents a one-stop shop for their students' uniform needs.


Check us out. Our workmanship, service, and pricing is worth your time, I guarantee it!




Linda Hunter


Collette's Uniform Co.

Ready for School
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